Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's okay that not everyone's meant to stay :)

  assalamualaikum everybody...
sobs. sobs.. lately .im having a tough days, it worst! everything worst.  i've been stabbed in the back by those i needed most.i've been lied by those i love once. and i have felt alone when i couldn't afford  to be . but at the end of the i had to learn to be my own bestfriend bcause there's going to be days where no one is going to be there for me but myself.  i trust no one but only me,


Honestly I don't, only because despite the shit some people have put me through, I'm thankful for the lesson they have taught me. I'm learning exactly who I don't want to be and who I don't want to be with. So no, I'm glad I've met everyone that I have in the past, they have taught me so much, things I wouldn't have learned otherwise.

just that. thanks . ^_^

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


assalamualaikum semua
haaa. lama sangat ya Tuhan ta update blog yg bersawang tambah mmg xde bende nk share. bz la sgt .n now egt nak start balik tulis blog , haha. tak de keje kan. assignment lab report xsiap2 ada hati nak tulis blog bagai. lempang elok nya hahaha. ni sebenarnya dalam kelas statistic ni tgah buat mini tab . ==' boring la . kelas sampai magrib, 2 jam 20 mint .sejam je dah tepu nak tmbah lagi sejam 20 min . ada pulak 20 min nya, haha . sedap pulak menaip je ni . ha. nk balik dah ni. xde isi dah ni nak taip . nnt kalau ade benda lg i olls nk share. i olls update ea.... bye uuoolllss ..